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our story

It all began in Brooklyn, New York in 1969...

John landed in New York looking for a way to make it in this new land with the idea that once he gained a foothold he would bring the rest of his family over and provide a new future for them all. 

He began working in a little Italian restaurant and found he had the skills to pay the bills because by 1971 he was able to open his first restaurant on Flatbush Ave. in the heart of Brooklyn. 

By 1985 he could afford to bring over his wife and their five children; four sons and a daughter. The family has been in the business in Central Florida ever since. 

Two of those son's, Wael and Jason came together in 2018 and decided to open a small Italian restaurant and pizza shop in Altamonte Springs, Florida and continue the family tradition.

Welcome to NY Best Pizza!